Jan 22, 2024

Move DevConf 2024 Recap

Move DevConf 2024 has successfully come to a close, immersing all attending developers and enthusiasts in the knowledge powerhouse of #Move! This offline event, themed ‘A Pivotal Year for the #MoveEcosystem’, marks the beginning of a fresh journey for Move in 2024!

MoveBit, a subsidiary brand of BitsLab, is thrilled to jointly organize this event with Move Funs DAO and OpenBuild. Special thanks to the generous sponsorship from Aptos, Sui Foundation, and AWS Cloud. Additionally, we’d like to express our gratitude to all incredible partners, including co-organizers, school clubs, communities, and media. Together, we have achieved tremendous success at Move DevConf 2024!

Held in Shanghai over 2 days (Jan 13th and 14th), Move DevConf 2024 attracted 2,000+ registrations, with 500+ on-site attendees and an exposure of 100,000+. Here are some highlights



Move DevConf 2024 featured nearly 20 insightful keynotes covering topics such as fully on-chain games, security audits, zkLogin, and more. Technical experts dedicated to driving the thriving development within the Move ecosystem, including Sam Blackshear, Wolfgang Grieskamp. JoleStar, Luis Loh, @nanne007, Zekun Li, and other heavyweight speakers, conveyed their valuable insights.

Various keynotes showcased the outstanding features of the Move language and also shared key achievements in the Move ecosystem, providing attendees with a fresh perspective.





Panel Discussion

Themed ‘Exploring the Present and Future’, the panel engaged attendees in discussions about Move’s present development and forward direction in 2024 and beyond. Moderated by Surf Wallet, with panelists Guanghua, Jolestar, Luis, Runtian, and Welles.


Awards Ceremony of MoveCTF

On Jan 14th, day 2 of Move DevConf 2024, the awards ceremony of MoveCTF 2024 simultaneously happened. Through a fair and competitive process, Q7, issp_io, and Cesretto emerged as winners, earning substantial rewards totaling 4,500 USDT. Congratulations!



Beyond professional keynotes and panel discussions, this event provided a relaxed networking environment. 500+ on-site Move developers and enthusiasts gathered in Shanghai, engaging in active communication around Move-related topics and immersively experiencing the knowledge sharing of insights and innovations.





Move DevConf 2024 has set the stage for the exciting development of the Move language and ecosystem in 2024, instilling attendees with hope and motivation for the future of Move. We warmly welcome Move developers and enthusiasts to join us in exploring more possibilities! Looking forward to the next Move DevConf.

Let’s Move!

About MoveBit

MoveBit, a subsidiary brand of BitsLab, is a blockchain security company that specializes in the Move Ecosystem. We are at the forefront of utilizing cutting-edge Formal Verification techniques. The team comprises security professionals with extensive experience in both academia and enterprise. As one of the earliest contributors to the Move ecosystem, we have collaborated closely with Move developers to establish security standards for secure Move applications, making it the most secure Web3 destination.

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