Mar 28, 2023

MoveBit join Sui Builder House Vietnam to develop the Move Ecosystem

Sui Builder House is a global network of offline technical workshops initiated by Sui Foundation for the Move ecosystem, providing an opportunity for Sui builders around the world to meet and collaborate.

During the two-day Sui Builder House Ho Chi Minh City, MoveBit introduced the Sui Move Analyzer to Movers as a speaker and co-hosted the live competition MoveCTF with Sui.


About Sui Move Analyzer

The Sui Move Analyzer is a Visual Studio Code plugin based on Move Analyzer, which improved the development experience of Move and Sui Move by MoveBit. It not only provides language support for Sui Move + MSL, but also offers project templates, supports Sui unit testing, and Sui Move Prover verification system.

On March 18th, 0xYi, the co-founder of MoveBit, demonstrated the development progress and main features of Sui Move Prover to the Move ecosystem developers at the Sui Builder House in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Overall, Sui Move Analyzer provides convenient and intelligent development services for Sui Ecosystem developers, enabling them to build more secure and reliable Move applications. MoveBit has recently released the first version of Sui Move Analyzer.

The download link is:


About MoveCTF

MoveCTF is the first global series of security competitions in the Move Ecosystem. Since November 2022, it has been successfully held multiple times in several countries.

The Sui Vietnam MoveCTF is held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, by Sui and MoveBit. MoveBit provided technical support for the entire competition process and conducted testing before the competition to ensure a flawless process.

The competition consists of challenges in three categories: Move Language, Sui Framework, and General Computing. Each category contains three challenges.

Teams will complete a series of challenges, and all nine challenges will be unlocked after the successful completion of the special check-in challenge. Participant teams will need to utilize their understanding of Sui to solve these challenges.

Challenges will entail a mix of reversing, exploitation, and forensics, among other things. The object of the game is to complete all of the challenges with the highest score.

On the day of the competition, MoveBit and Sui jointly introduced the competition rules of Sui Vietnam MoveCTF. At the end of the competition, Henry, APAC Developer Relations of Sui, announced the winner list.

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The Sui Vietnam MoveCTF attracted 58 teams to participate in the competition. During the competition, MoveBit had a pleasant and high-quality interaction with technical experts in the Move Ecosystem, exploring the possible development direction of the Move Ecosystem.

2023 is the important year for the Move Ecosystem. As a security expert focusing on the Move ecosystem, MoveBit will do its best to provide comprehensive support to all Move Ecosystem-related events, and promote the development of the Move Ecosystem aiming to let Move Ecosystem become one of the most secure and active ecosystems in Web3.

About MoveBit

MoveBit is a blockchain security company focused on the Move Ecosystem by pioneering the use of cutting-edge Formal Verification. The team consists of security professionals from academia and enterprise with 10 years of security experience. they were one of the earliest contributors to the Move ecosystem, working with Move developers to set the standard for secure Move applications and make the Move ecosystem the most secure Web3 destination.

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