Major Features

Support Move & MSL keywords and types highlighted in appropriate colors.

Comment and un-comment lines of code using the ⌘ / shortcut on macOS (or the menu command Edit > Toggle Line Comment).

Place your cursor on a delimiter, such as <, ( , or { , and its corresponding delimiter -- > , ) , or } -- will be highlighted.

As you type, items will appear as completion suggestions.

Support template for Sui framework and Move Prover (MSL). Use mouse right-click (or command palette) to apply.

upport generating Spec for Move files and functions.

Support Outline.



    Support Go to Definition, Go to Type Definition, Hover, Autocomplete, Outline, and cover almost all the identifiers.

  • HighLight

  • Type Inference and Inlay

  • Autocomplete

  • Outline

  • Goto Definition and Hover

    Multi Projects Support

    When detecting multiple Move.toml in the workspace, the semantics of these projects will be handled separately.

  • Project Setting

  • Type in Project 1

  • Type in Project 2

    Aptos Framework Integration

    Provide Aptos project template, and Aptos command-line tools for the Aptos framework.

  • Aptos command-line tool

  • Aptos Project Template

    MSL Support

    Implement necessary support for MSL, which includes Highlight, Go to Definition, Go to Type Definition, Hover, Autocomplete, and Spec Template.

  • Block Member Autocomplete

  • Variable Complete

  • Generate Spec for function